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Thermal Ceramatt

Thermal Cera Matt SK 01C

Spine Korea  Application of THERMAL CERA MATT made with healthful jade and red clay  It provides an intensive thermal effect of far-infrared rays by the incorporation of about 50,000 CERA micro balls.  It can be used safely by double blocking of electronic magnet waves through the thermal lines without magnet field  It provides a sense of comfort due to the combination of suede fabric and co on padding  Easy to clean and maintain thanks to an-stain and water repellent treatment  Application of refined design by using high quality fabrics by stylish colors Controller easy to use for anyone.

How to use :

  • Connect power cable of temperature controller and connector
  • Attach the matt on the desired part of your body
  • Turn on the power switch
  • Use temperature control knob to set to the desired temperature

Benefits :

  • Effectively improve blood circulation and microcirculation
  • Effectively relieve chronic pain associated with muscle strain, rheumatisms
  • Regulate Qi and blood, improve metabolism
  • Increase oxygen supply, balance blood pressure
  • Improve sleeping quality

Characteristics of Thermal Cera Matt SK 01C:

Tourmaline:The best source of anions that doubles bio energy; Germanium, an outstanding anti-cancer material; volcanic rocks, A great source of minerals; and with anion>1000 ions/cc make the best world –class

Special Silicon: Special silicon is used to attach mun suk dol With The top Cover to prevent harmful materials even in high temperature.

No electromagnetic waves: Special fiber free of corrosion and damage is used to block electromagnetic waves.

Aluminum to block water vein: Aluminum foil blocks water vein.

Silicon wire: No disconnection problem and no danger of fire.

Fiberglass: Retain heat for maximum insulation.

Bimetal for triple security system: Controls temperature accurately to guarantee security of user.